Beauty & Fashion Session

For this specilaized session the following guidelines are a must:

1. session specilaity has to be written in the contract request eg.. (Fasion, Makeup, Hairstyle ..etc.

2. session duartion is standardly 3 hours any more will be charged 1000SR/Hour.

3. transportation is on the contractor.

4. the directions and decoration are to be desided by the photographer.

5. any intervition during the session is prohibited.

6. cost should be paid before the session start through the bank account of the photographer.

7. the photos which has been retouched and edited will be sent via e-mail. (not psd or raw)

8. each photo will cost between 500SR to 50SR as written in the contract.

9. if the contractor wanted to have all the raw photos he/she should pay more 1000SR.

10. after 2 weeks of any session all photos will be deleted completely and the contractor has no right to request them anymore.

11. the copy right of any photo will be for the photographer and the contrctor has to mention her in any media which use or post the session photo if not the potographer has the legal right to stop these post all over the media in or outside KS